DPC and Smartsheet

The unique system for automated project progress tracking

Fully integrated with Smartsheet

Happy with Smartsheet

Happy with Smartsheet

To plan is Good – To plan and track is better

For many years now, we have been promoting this mind set:
when you set up a schedule for a project, also set up a progress tracking system.
The one goes with the other, like siamese twins.
The Gantt chart is not enough, no matter how many flags and traffic lights it displays.
It cannot provide the feedback information you need: information on the dynamic behaviour of your project.

For whom ?

Now we have about 10 years of field experience, we can define the “DPC compliant” profile as follows:

  • project manager, project planner who wants to drive the project, not being driven.
  • professionals who want to be an stay in control.

How does it work and what does it cost?

In the basic configuration, the cost for tracking is in the order of:

€ 4 – $ 5 per month per project.
€ 40 – $ 50 per year per project.

We also offer these additional services

  • Assisted startup: Helping setting up the first schedule, helping interpreting the first reports
  • Continued assistance: Providing second opinion analysis on a per project basis.

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