Also sitting on a heap of untapped knowledge?

… that could eventually save tons of money or even a few lives now and then?

Look at what Dr Romke Bontekoe did with open source data on emergency calls logged by the Amsterdam fire brigade over the past years.
And wonder with me about the savings in money and perhaps even lives that could be achieved by properly exploiting his findings.

Watch the video here.


You can also interact with the reports here

You wonder how you could get from here to there?
Simple: just ask.
We will get you there in no time, with a little help of Wolfram Language.

Are we all going to drown soon?

A couple of years ago, it was announced, without a shred of a doubt, that the town where I live, Nieuwpoort on the Belgian coast, would be flooded due to the rise of the sea level – 1m over 100 years.

So I started digging in available open source data on tidal observation, in this case from the BODC – British Oceanographic Data Center. They cover 90+ years of observations, at tens of stations, one point per half hour.
Speaking of a time series

I analysed 5 433 000 data points.
I did this 10 times over under pressure from Dr Romke Bontekoe, who insisted on varying a parameter – the spectrum width – in order to eliminate the possibility of generating artefacts.
So in total 54 330 000 data points where handled.

The results are shown in the video.



I can sleep quietly: if sea level rises by 1m over 100 years, we will see a strong signal in about 30 years, … and I won’t be around anymore.

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Fed up waiting for that 1 diagram?

Me too.
That’s the reason why I quit asking a long time ago.
In this video I show the results obtained after doing some analysis on a survey containing 16716 entries and 228 answers per entry.

Not 1, but thousands of diagrams made available in an interactive environment.
It took me 4 hours of work, or as we now say, 4 hours of think-coding.

Then I could spend all the time I wanted  looking for the hidden secrets in the data.

That is what happens when you use the right tools … and learn to think-code.

And, by the way, the document, a notebook, is ready for distribution.