Zis is a special one – Only for the Dutch speaking

This is an experiment.
It is still very much beta, so be careful when trying it out: it might explode.

It is a “Gentile Text Analyser”, code named “BS Buster”.
Why “BS”? Well therefore!

It takes a text and puts you at the controls so you can analyse it in depth, looking for keywords, key sentences, context and correlations.

The text used in this experiment is the policy declaration of the current Flemish Government. Hence the reference to the Dutch speaking.
It is a very serious text, and so it deserves to be handled with deference.

This is the link to the start page.
You might want te start with the tutorial.

This experiment has been set up using the Wolfram Language and is deployed in the Wolfram Cloud.

If you would like to try the BS Buster with another text – legal stuff, contracts, reports of all kind – feel free to contact at jp@tollenboom.be
Same goes for feedback.