SMSHAR White Paper

Progress Velocity

Progress Velocity

Integrated Project Scheduling and Monitoring with Smartsheet and DPC

The white paper on SMSHAR has been issued. You can find it on this page.

This is an excerpt from the introduction:

This a backgrounder on integrated project scheduling and monitoring using Smartsheet to construct the project schedules and the DPC engine for automatic project tracking.

As soon as we discovered Smartsheet and in particular its Gantt chart, we decided to integrate it with our DPC project monitoring engine.
As soon as Smartsheet had its API up and running, we even went one step further: we organized a fully automated project reporting system.
By so doing, we were able to bring the workload for tracking and reporting down to zero. That is bar the minimum effort of entering the percentage complete values on the tasks in the Smartsheet Gantt.

On top of that we recently deployed a portfolio report, also automated, that tracks virtually any number of projects part of a portfolio. This is under the assumption that every project taken separately is monitored by the DPC engine.
This is unprecedented.

To be able to monitor every single project of a portfolio, while being able to access any detail of the individual progress report, is a position that has never been achieved before.
The magic of the automation based on the Mathematica technology developed by Wolfram Research coupled to the very accessible Smartsheet environment, with, as said before, almost no workload at all for the user, makes it possible to run the system at a very low cost.

We are happy that we already have a 41 projects portfolio, monitored individually and as a set, in the system.
We call the system SMSHAR (pronounced “sm-shar”) , which stands for “Smartsheet Automated Reporting”.

This paper provides a brief introduction on the essential aspects that together define SMSHAR.
It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge about project scheduling and monitoring.